Drum Camps

Drum Camp is an intense education in drumming. It is made of all that the drummer needs to know while playing and utilizing it in the music industry. The maximum capacity of the camp are 4 people, that’s how all the students have the maximum of personal attention and camp experience. The age limit is from 15. Drum Camps are intended for beginners, pre-intermediate or advanced players.

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If you are interested in private Drum Camp, write a message to booking@jarosollar.com and book your spaces. We are ready to open a class anytime.

Types of Drum Camps

During a two-day Drum Camp we will be only intensively focusing on playing drums combined with the necessary theoretical knowledge. We encourage you to send us a video of you playing drums and we can assist you with the selection.

Drums Camps are for beginners, intermediate and advanced. The price is 149€/2 days. Everything we do at the camp, you will find at https://jarosollar.com/drum-camps

Where does Drum Camp take place?

Drum Camp is held in studio Drummers’ City. We have a acoustically adjusted studio available, located in a mild and quiet part near Bratislava. Nearby is a nice café and restaurant with incredible food (about 200 m). The city center is about 17 kilometers from the place, also easily accessible with public transport or car. Parking is possible right by the studio.

How can you get to us and how to travel in Bratislava?

If you are from Bratislava and travel via public transport, directly from the main bus station, bus SAD no. 740 (Tri Vody stop).

How does a day at Drum Camp look like?

The day starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:00 + evening activities (concert, club, pub). We communicate in the Slovak language, in case of foreign students we use the English language. Break for lunch is arranged individually, but approximately at 13:00 (lunch). Lunche is not included in the price, there is a possibility to take meals individually, but having a lunche all together is welcomed since we can have fun and talk with each other. Refreshments at the place will be available (water, some snacks and the like).

Where will I stay during Drum Camp?

There are various accommodation options in the surrounding of the place, so with the joining e-mail you can write to us that you need accomodation for the following days (here, you will write the dates) and you prefer this type of venue (hostel, boarding house, hotel, etc.). We will write some recommendations back and it will be up to you, if you choose to go with our recommended venues or arrange the accommodation yourself. In case you will decide for our recommendation, we will communicate together and make a deal about reserving the chosen accommodation. In case multiple people are in need of accommodation, we can find a venue for all of you together, so you can keep in closer touch during the whole Drum Camp.

What includes the price of Drum Camp?

The price includes two-days and all the necessary equipment (drums, musical notes, teaching aids, then water and some snacks) for everyone. The fee doesn’t include transport, accommodation and meals.

IMPORTANT!!! read this …

E-mail to booking@jarosollar.com and book your space on the Drum Camp. We will confirm the date in return. ATTENTION, THE NUMBER OF PLACES IS ALWAYS LIMITED. After confirmation of the date, please is necessary to pay the price of the camp by transferring to the account. The price of the camps must be paid before the camp starts.